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Onion, Dry Hybrid

ONION SETS - Will be stocked in season

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  • Aspen (White)
  • Matures 100 days; mild , jumbo, nice addition to your line up
  • Candy (yellow)
  • Hybrid variety. Golden, very mild, jumbo globe onion. Small neck. 102 day maturity.
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  • Centerstone (yellow)
  • Matures 105 days; jumbo Spanish, bolt tolerant, good storage
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  • Milestone (yellow)
  • Matures 110 days; large globe, hi quality pack out, good storage
  • Sierra Blanca (White)
  • Hybrid variety. White, mild, jumbo globe onion. Widely adapted. 102 day maturity.
  • SV4643NT (Red)
  • Hybrid variety. Bright red, large. Great for storage. Replacement for Mars-Mercury. 105 day maturity.