REMEDY (S.E.xSH2) Attribute Bicolor Sweet Corn

REMEDY (S.E.xSH2) Attribute Bicolor Sweet Corn

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DAYS:  82           EAR SIZE:  8.5x1.7"          ROW:  14-16         HEIGHT:  6.5'

REMEDY is a BC0805-type sweet corn with improved insect resisance through the Attribute II trait stack.

  • Outstanding TripleSweet eating quality
  • Long ears with tender, sweet kernels
  • Excellent tip fill and good husk cover
  • Built-in control of lepidopteran pests to maximixe marketable ears
  • Consistent high yield and performance

‚Äč**SOLD IN BAGS OF 25M (25,000 Seeds) OR 2.5M POUCH (2,500 Seeds)

JORDAN SEEDS, INC must have "Waiver of Acceptance" before seed can be released.

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Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT : 2.5M=2,500 seeds
QTY/UNIT : 25M=25,000 seeds
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