General Lee Slicing Cucumber, Hybrid

General Lee Slicing Cucumber, Hybrid

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DAYS: 66

SIZE: 8.5x2"

General Lee has been a top yielder in its class for years. It is a 66 day main season variety that performs in spring and fall planting. General Lee is tough against Scab, DM, PM, and tolerates Cucumber Mosaic Virus. With good heat set, General Lee produces high yields of top quality product. The vine is large and vigorous and the dark green foliage provides good cover. General Lee produces impressive fruit with uniform shape and dark green color. Fruit are very straight with white spines.

Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 1-4M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 5-9M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 10-14M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 15M+
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