Excursion II Pepper, Hybrid

Excursion II Pepper, Hybrid

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DAYS:  70

SIZE: 4.5x4.5"

Excursion II pepper is a large, blocky bell that has been a consistent top performer in growers' fields and university field trials. Its medium to large plant protects the fruit well and yields good crown sets of 4.5 x 4.5” blocky fruit with thick walls. The fruit are dark green ripening to red and have a smooth appearance. Excursion II offers intermediate resistance to BLS (races 1,2,3), PVY, and TMV.

Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 500
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 1-4M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 5-24M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 25M+
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