Early Sunsation Hybrid Yellow Sweet Pepper

Early Sunsation Hybrid Yellow Sweet Pepper

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DAYS:  70

SIZE:  4X4"

Big, blocky bell peppers are a mature green in 70 days, then turn to a beautiful shade of golden-yellow in just two more weeks. The peppers are about 4½ inches long and nearly that wide, and are smooth and consistently well shaped. It is a compact and strong plant and as an added bonus, plants are tolerant to most pepper virus diseases and 3 races of bacterial spot. Extra sweet when fully yellow. 

Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 500
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 1-4M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 5-24M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 25M+
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