Cortez (Daytona) Slicing Cucumber, Hybrid

Cortez (Daytona) Slicing Cucumber, Hybrid

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DAYS: 60

SIZE: 9x2.25"

A new early gynoecious hybrid with excellent disease resistance and fruit quality. The fruit quality is exceptional. This hybrid has performed very well on plastic and ground culture. Fruits hold their length when other varieties shorten under stress. Tolerant /resistant to Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose race 2, Angular Leaf Spot, Scab, PRSV, ZYMV, WMV and C.M.V.

Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 1/2M (500 Seeds)
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 1-4M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 5-9M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 10-14M
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 15M+
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