(a) Starch-based biodegradable plastic mulch (BioAgriĀ®) in experimental field plots during harvest, 135 days after laying mulch. (b) 9 months post-harvest on soil surface, 348 days after laying mulch. (c) 9 months post-incorporation, 348 days after laying

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The Compostable & Biodegradable Bio360 Mulch Film, uses Mater-Bi, a corn starch based raw material, is biodegradable and compostable.

The master batch pigment mixture used for coloring is also made of Mater-Bi. It leaves no toxic residues in the ground and you save on removal, recycling and land fill costs.

Temperature, humidity, and microorganisms in the ground transform Bio360 into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. There is no toxic residue left.

This biodegradable mulch has the same mechanical and physical characteristics as the plastic mulch without the negative impact on the environment, and there are no removal, recycling and land fill costs.

*Eliminates weeds

*Increases soil temperature and allows rapid root growth

*Prevents erosion from water

*Protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground so the crop remains clean and there are less plant diseases

Description Price per Unit
MIL/SIZE: .6 MIL/4' X 200'
MIL/SIZE: .6 MIL/4' X 500'
MIL/SIZE: .6 MIL/4' X 4000'
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