BC 0805 (S.E.xSH2) Attribute Bicolor Sweet Corn

BC 0805 (S.E.xSH2) Attribute Bicolor Sweet Corn

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DAYS:  82              EAR SIZE:  8x2"            ROW:  16-18             HEIGHT:  6.5'

An industry standard for reliability of high yields and eating quality, BC 0805 is packed with superior taste and eating qualities.

  • Well-suited for main-season plantings in the Midwest and Northeast
  • Long, well-filled ears
  • Outstanding eating quality with tender, sweet kernels

**SOLD IN BAGS OF 25M (25,000 SEEDS)

JORDAN SEEDS, INC must have "Waiver of Acceptance" before seed can be released.  

Contact us for waiver. 


Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT (M=1000): 11.31/M=1000 (approx)
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