Anthem II Performance Series Bi-Color Sweet Corn

Anthem II Performance Series Bi-Color Sweet Corn

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DAYS: 73         EAR SIZE: 8.25 X 1.8"         ROW: 16-20         HEIGHT: 6'

Anthem II is an early SH2 bicolor hybrid with excellent yield potential and eating quality. It offers the benefits of above and below ground insect pest protection, and performs well with in-crop applications of Roundup WeatherMAX® and Roundup PowerMAX® agricultural herbicides. This product shows solid performance in cold soils due to strong seedling vigor and is a perfect option for shipping and/or fresh market outlets.

**SOLD IN 2.5M POUCH (2,500 SEEDS) 
25M BAG (25,000 SEEDS)

PERFORMANCE SERIES  can ONLY be shipped upon receiving your TECHNOLOGY LICENSE number.


Description Price per Unit
QTY/UNIT : 2.5M = 2,500 seeds
QTY/UNIT : 25M = 25,000 seeds
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